At Amazon Web Services (AWS), we continue to listen to our customers, regulators, and stakeholders to understand their needs regarding audit, assurance, certification, and attestation programs. We are pleased to announce that Fall 2021 AWS SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3 reports are now available in Spanish. These translated reports will help drive greater engagement and alignment with customer and regulatory requirements across Latin America and Spain.

The English language version of the reports should be taken into account regarding the independent opinion issued by the auditors and control test results. They will be a complement to the Spanish version.

Translated SOC Reports in Spanish are available through AWS Artifact. Translated SOC reports in Spanish will be published twice a year in alignment with the Fall and Spring reporting cycles.

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Los informes SOC ahora están disponibles en español

Seguimos escuchando a nuestros clientes, reguladores y partes interesadas para comprender sus necesidades en relación con los programas de auditoría, garantía, certificación y atestación en Amazon Web Services (AWS). Nos complace anunciar que los informes SOC 1, SOC 2 y SOC 3 de AWS de otoño de 2021 ya están disponibles en español. Estos informes traducidos ayudarán a impulsar un mayor compromiso y alineación con los requisitos regulatorios y de los clientes en las regiones de América Latina y España.

La versión en inglés de los informes debe tenerse en cuenta en relación con la opinión independiente emitida por los auditores y los resultados de las pruebas de control, como complemento de las versiones en español.

Los informes SOC traducidos en español están disponibles en AWS Artifact. Los informes SOC traducidos en español se publicarán dos veces al año según los ciclos de informes de otoño y primavera.

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Rodrigo Fiuza

Rodrigo Fiuza

Rodrigo is a Security Audit Manager at AWS, based in São Paulo. He leads audits, attestations, certifications, and assessments across Latin America, Caribbean and Europe. Rodrigo has previously worked in risk management, security assurance, and technology audits for the past 12 years.


Nimesh Ravasa

Nimesh is a Compliance Program Manager at Amazon Web Services. He leads multiple security and privacy initiatives within AWS. Nimesh has 14 years of experience in information security and holds CISSP, CISA, PMP, CSX, AWS Solution Architect – Associate, and AWS Security Specialty certifications.

Emma Zhang

Emma Zhang

Emma is a Compliance Program Manager at Amazon Web Services. She leads multiple process improvement projects across multiple compliance programs within AWS. Emma has 8 years of experience in risk management, IT risk assurance, and technology risk advisory.

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