We are pleased to announce a new Amazon Web Services (AWS) workbook designed to help India Primary (UCBs) customers align with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidance in Comprehensive Cyber Security Framework for Primary (Urban) Cooperative Banks (UCBs) – A Graded Approach.

In addition to RBI’s basic cyber security framework for Primary (Urban) Cooperative Banks (UCBs), RBI issued guidance on its comprehensive cyber security framework, which sets the expectations for the Indian Primary UCBs regarding their cyber security frameworks. This guidance divides the framework into four levels, starting with a common level that applies to all UCBs; the remaining levels apply to specific UCBs based upon their digital depth, and interconnectedness to the payment systems landscape based on RBI-defined criteria. The guidance aims to increase the awareness among the Primary UCBs in India of the controls they should look for as they progress on their digital journey.

Security and compliance is a shared responsibility between AWS and the customer. This differentiation of responsibility is commonly referred to as the AWS Shared Responsibility Model, in which AWS is responsible for security of the cloud, and the customer is responsible for their security in the cloud.

The new AWS Comprehensive Cyber Security Framework for Primary (Urban) Cooperative Banks (UCBs) – A Graded Approach workbook helps customers align with the RBI cyber security framework by providing control mappings for the following:

The downloadable AWS RBI Comprehensive Cyber Security Framework for Primary UCBs workbook is available in AWS Artifact, a self-service portal for on-demand access to AWS Compliance Reports, and it contains two embedded formats:

  • Microsoft Excel: Coverage includes AWS responsibility control statements and Well-Architected Framework best practices
  • Dynamic HTML: Coverage is the same as in the Microsoft Excel format, with the added feature that the Well Architected Framework best practices are mapped to AWS Config managed rules and Amazon GuardDuty findings, where available or applicable.

The AWS RBI Comprehensive Cyber Security Framework for Primary UCBs and AWS RBI Basic Cyber Security Framework for Primary UCBs Workbook are available for download in AWS Artifact. Sign into AWS Artifact via the AWS Management Console, or learn more at Getting Started with AWS Artifact.

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Vikas Purohit

Vikas Purohit

Vikas works as a Partner Solution Architect with AISPL, India. He helps about helping customers and partners in their cloud journeys. He is particularly passionate in Cloud Security, hybrid networking and migrations.