Today, Amazon Location Service added metadata for tracking position updates to help developers reduce cost, improve accuracy, and simplify the development of tracking applications. Amazon Location Service Trackers already make it easy for developers to build highly scalable device-tracking applications by enabling them to retrieve the current and historical location of their tracked devices, and automatically evaluate device-positions relative to linked areas of interest (geofences). With the new metadata feature, developers can enrich these applications with additional information about each device’s position, for example the speed, direction, or engine temperature of vehicles, by including three user-defined key-values pairs with each position update. They can retrieve this information for a device’s current or historical position directly from the Amazon Location Service Tracker, for example to analyze engine performance, without building additional systems and code to track this data. Developer can also receive this metadata in the Amazon EventBridge Entry and Exit event when tracked devices cross a geofence.

Categories: AWS