As you develop next-generation cloud-native applications and modernize existing workloads by migrating to cloud, you need cloud teams that can govern centrally with policies for security, compliance, operations and spend management.

In this edition of Let’s Architect!, we gather content to help software architects and tech leaders explore new ideas, case studies, and technical approaches to help you support production implementations for large-scale migrations.

Seamless Transition from an AWS Landing Zone to AWS Control Tower

A multi-account AWS environment helps businesses migrate, modernize, and innovate faster. With the large number of design choices, setting up a multi-account strategy can take a significant amount of time, because it involves configuring multiple accounts and services and requires a deep understanding of AWS.

This blog post shows you how AWS Control Tower helps customers achieve their desired business outcomes by setting up a scalable, secure, and governed multi-account environment. This post describes a strategic migration of 140 AWS accounts from customer Landing Zone to an AWS Control Tower-based solution.

Multi-account landing zone architecture that uses AWS Control Tower

Multi-account landing zone architecture that uses AWS Control Tower

Build a strong identity foundation that uses your existing on-premises Active Directory

How do you use your existing Microsoft Active Directory (AD) to reliably authenticate access for AWS accounts, infrastructure running on AWS, and third-party applications?

The architecture shown in this blog post is designed to be highly available and extends access to your existing AD to AWS, which enables your users to use their existing credentials to access authorized AWS resources and applications. This post highlights the importance of implementing a cloud authentication and authorization architecture that addresses the variety of requirements for an organization’s AWS Cloud environment.

Multi-account Complete AD architecture with trusts and AWS SSO using AD as the identity source

Multi-account Complete AD architecture with trusts and AWS SSO using AD as the identity source

Migrate Resources Between AWS Accounts

AWS customers often start their cloud journey with one AWS account, and over time they deploy many resources within that account. Eventually though, they’ll need to use more accounts and migrate resources across AWS Regions and accounts to reduce latency or increase resiliency.

This blog post shows four approaches to migrate resources based on type, configuration, and workload needs across AWS accounts.

Migration infrastructure approach

Migration infrastructure approach

Transform your organization’s culture with a Cloud Center of Excellence

As enterprises seek digital transformation, their efforts to use cloud technology within their organizations can be a bit disjointed. This video introduces you to the Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) and shows you how it can help transform your business via cloud adoption, migration, and operations. By using the CCoE, you’ll establish and us a cross-functional team of people  for developing and managing your cloud strategy, governance, and best practices that your organization can use to transform the business using the cloud.

Benefits of CCoE

Benefits of CCoE

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