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AWS Elemental MediaConnect is a high-quality transport service for live video and a part of the suite of purpose-built AWS Media Services. Support for Fujitsu QoS, Fujitsu’s Network Error Correction technology protocol, is now supported by MediaConnect. Fujitsu QoS, developed by Fujitsu for IP networks, is a low-latency, high throughput proprietary protocol that enables transport from Fujitsu devices into MediaConnect, and from MediaConnect into Fujitsu devices. The protocol is a hybrid method of combining two error-correction technologies, FEC and ARQ, which enhances higher error tolerance at constant bandwidth. Fujitsu QoS is implemented in the Fujitsu IP series video encoders/decoders that are used by broadcasters and other video professionals in many markets around the world, including the IP-900, IP-920, IP-HE950 and the IP-HE900 to be released soon. There are no specific software requirements to start using these devices with MediaConnect and all a customer needs to begin is an AWS account. Combining these encoders with the MediaConnect service enables more flexible and reliable live content transfer and content distribution for Fujitsu customers around the world.

Traditionally, when a customer required simultaneous distribution to multiple sites, Fujitsu integrated on-premises servers that customers were required to maintain. This equipment also made the video streams unsuitable for international transmission and multi-site distribution. With MediaConnect, customers can now easily achieve multiple site distribution via the cloud without unnecessary and expensive equipment.

MediaConnect provides the needed connectivity for Fujitsu’s video creators and distributors around the world. By implementing Fujitsu QoS in MediaConnect, the IP series of video transmission equipment from Fujitsu expands the reliability and flexibility of the system. Customers connect to AWS over a common line such as the Internet, and Fujitsu QoS provides the required stable transmission. For international transmission, the IP series of products and the nearest AWS region are connected and the AWS backbone is used between regions.

Transmission via the cloud is inexpensive, reliable, and is more economical than international fiber. For multi-site delivery, customers can specify up to 50 delivery destinations with Media Connect. Customers can begin using MediaConnect with Fujitsu QoS directly from the AWS management console.

Video transmission service using AWS Elemental MediaConnect and Fujitsu IP series encoders and decoders

Video transmission service using AWS Elemental MediaConnect and Fujitsu IP series encoders and decoders


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