Between 7:31 AM PST on December 7 and 2:20 AM PST on December 8, ECS experienced increased API error rates, latencies, and task launch failures. API error rates and latencies recovered by 6:10 PM PST on December 7. After this point, ECS customers using the EC2 launch type were fully recovered. ECS customers using the Fargate launch type along with EKS customers using Fargate continued to see decreasing impact in the form of insufficient capacity errors between 4:40 PM PST on December 7 and 2:20 AM on December 8. The service is now operating normally. A small set of customers may still experience low levels of insufficient capacity errors and will be notified using the Personal Health Dashboard in that case. There was no impact to running tasks during the event although any ECS task that failed health checks would have been stopped because of that failing health check.